About Us

‘A Bit of Me’ is an endeavour towards revolutionizing today’s individual’s look. No look is complete unless some accessories are put on it. Be it men or women, accessorizing has become a complete essential. Thus we at ‘A Bit of Me’ have made an utmost conscious effort to bring to such individuals the best and most fashionable accessories both in men and women category. 

Apart from that, we at ‘A Bit of Me’ believe that an individual is composed of not one but many diverse attributes and facets. And each day we all are capable of adorning a different facet. Thus at our store you would find each accessory that defines a different attribute so you could choose the one that defines you the best.

About the Owner:

‘A Bit of Me’ has been put together by a team comprising of a Chartered Accountant and a Lawyer, two extremely opposite individuals who have the same dream, to make every person in this whole wide world adorn ‘A Bit of Me’ and look absolutely ravishing and charming in it. In fact, this dream is so enormous that it has made us come out of our respective professions in order to fulfil it.

Also, we believe in providing our customers not just amazing styles in accessories but also providing a more than satisfactory customer support system. Thus, we sincerely urge our customers to do write to us in case something uneventful happens from our end. We would make an earnest effort to make it right. Help us so we could serve you better.

Happy Shopping!